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Ways to learn a Language Before Travelling

There are many things we have to do before setting off on a trip: get the plane/train/bus tickets, book a room at a convenient location, check for places we cannot afford to miss, draw up an itinerary, get foreign currency, etc. However, we don’t often try to learn the language spoken there. Why? Perhaps because it takes more time in advance and we didn’t plan so ahead, or perhaps because we think that we’ll make do with English. The truth is that people don’t realize how important this part of the preparation process is for enjoying purposes. A language is a crucial part of a culture, so much that you can’t fully understand it without knowing about the underlying culture, and the other way around as well. We won’t say that taking Spanish classes Barcelona style isn’t beneficial for travelling the world (everybody knows that English is the most popular second language, reason why it can be the ‘link’ between two people whose mother tongue is not English, as a German and a Spaniard). However, it is way better to know the local languages, or at least the basics. Here are a few things you can do with only a few months in advance to learn that second language.

Take a Course
Don’t worry: you don’t need a whole year to take the first level of a course anymore. In fact, courses are very flexible: you can choose to study with a native speaker one, two, three, or as many times a week as you want. We suggest that if you’re leaving in a month, you take 3 classes a week (and study on the days in between, of course), if you’re leaving in two months, study two times a week. Of course, the more you put in it, the more you’ll get out of it. When taking spanish lessons Madrid students let their teacher know about their trip so they can focus on specific vocabulary (airport, restaurant, directions, etc.) that will be useful during their trip.

Get the Apps
You probably own a smartphone (android or iPhone), and iPad, or even a computer. Well, you can buy –and sometimes even get for free- language acquisition applications. Some of them include the pronunciation in the second language, as well as different categories (basics, meeting someone, numbers, eating, going out, travelling, etc.). They are actually not bad for a beginner, who is sure to come back from his or her trip with much more knowledge.

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